Punjabi Chhole from The Westend – The Closest You Can Get To Comfort FOOD!

The legendary music composer Beethoven has said – “Only the pure-hearted can make a good soup!” And we feel that the same rule applies to every one’s all-time favourite – Chhole or Amritsari Chhole as they call it!

If one visits Punjab or Delhi, and does not partake of this phenomenal dish then it is equal to visiting Italy and not eating pizza! Chhole Bhature (bhatura is the large-sized puri that is served with chhole) is a favourite street food in the north – every street can be seen serving up this piping hot dish to people!

There are two ways of making chhole – the regular one using onion, tomato and Indian spices in the gravy and the other one, which is called the Pindi style – it is drier and uses no onions or tomatoes.

So are you craving for some scrumptiously divine Chhole?

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