Top Reasons Why You Should Order Food Online During the Rainy Season!

With monsoon showers finally spreading waves in the city of Ahmedabad it is now time to sit back, lift up your legs a bit and simply relax into the atmosphere of trilling  peacocks and the smell of wet rain dust!

If you hate the thought of sweating it out in the kitchen to make food or getting out into the slushy weather here are some reasons to back your feeling up!

CLOTHES CAN GET RUINED: If you are forced to go out during the rain your brand new shirt or that favourite pant could get ruined in the water! So a good reason to avoid going out and simply ordering your food when you get hungry!

ACCIDENTS CAN OCCUR: Traffic accidents can take place during the rainy season – so why not just sit at home and order your lunch or dinner online?

SICKNESS: Spending too much time in the rainy weather could make you fall sick! So do not take that chance!

Our restaurants at the Hotel Westend in Ahmedabad offer special delights for food connoisseurs for every season. So why don’t you simply order those ravishing hot chilli pakoras or Cheese Chilli Toast! Simply get them home delivered to you – you will hardly have to wait – we deliver real fast!

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