Some Ways That Hotels Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service stands for the ultimate service and assistance that hotels provide to their customers. When guests arrive, either at your hotel or at your restaurants, they want to feel welcome. When they are treated with love and respect after you have given them a classy meal, they will want to come back to you again and again.

Here are some pointers:


  • Do not interrupt your guests, ever.
  • Listen. Listen. And listen. Pay attention to your guest.
  • When they walk into the door guests should be greeted and made to feel welcome.
  • They should be addressed with the proper titles – “Mr.”, “Ms” or “Ma’am” works well.
  • Learn up your menu. Digest it. Ingest it. This way you will be able to answer every question that is thrown at you.


  • You should serve any guest of honour, then women, men and then children.
  • Serve drinks or beverages from the right.
  • Serve food from the right and clear food from the left.
  • Do not make your guests ask for the bill. Clear the plates, bring in the bill and then get it processed fast.

The standards of service have to be maintained, day in and day out. That’s what makes an excellent hotel or restaurant stand out from the crowd.

 Don’t you agree?