The ‘Teeny Weeny’ Things That Make A Big Difference!


In the hotel industry the word ‘small’ holds a lot of meaning. Though large hotel chains enjoy higher volumes and economies of scale small hotels and even budget hotels can go that extra mile by simply doing small things, in a ‘big’ way for the customer!


A GUEST IS NOT A NUMBER! What exactly is personal service? When you are treated as an individual in your own right and when just a single visit to a hotel makes you want to return to it again and again! A guest should never be just a person attached to a room number but should be treated like a king!

THE STAFF REMEMBERS THE IMPORTANT DETAILS! A couple who had travelled from a far away country returned to the same hotel five years later, only to find that the staff remembered that they were vegetarian. This made them so happy that they extended their stay in the hotel!

A PERSONAL TOUCH ALWAYS MATTERS! When a person arrives in his room, tired maybe, after a long journey, it will refresh him to see some fresh flowers kept in his room, and a hand-written card saying how special he is as a guest.

Little things like these make a big difference in the hotel industry! The Westend pays a lot of attention to minute details like these and tries to make every room stay a distinctly enjoyable experience for the visitor!