Weekend Magic! Home Delivery from The Westend!

For most of us, cooking at home on a daily, unending basis feels just like torture! That is because the modern lifestyle has changed a lot from what it was in the times of our grandparents! With both partners in the family working and the joint family system slowly getting extinct cooking meals at home has become challenging and inconvenient. Adding to the working woman’s woes are long working hours, long commutes and other domestic responsibilities like school activities etc., and what you have at the end of the week is a person just too tired of it all! Too tired to plan a healthy menu and too tired to cook up a good meal!

And when you reach the weekend, all that you are left with is a deep craving for your favourite munch-time snack or a mouth-watering dish that reminds you of your childhood! Crave no more – you can now experience the best of some all-time favourites like Cheese-Chilly Toast from Hotel The Westend, right in the comfort of your home or office. We now deliver our all-time favourites right to your doorstep, you can order for home delivery any time between 11 am and 10.30 pm – the minimum order is for Rs 500 and we deliver in a 3.5 kilometer radius.

This weekend, look forward to calling us to have your snacks and dishes home delivered on 999 888 66 55, and say goodbye to cooking – at least during the weekend!